Azub Twin World Tour 5 : Asia to Oceania

In the past few months, we did a lot of work to enjoy our travel. And we did a pretty good work because it has been quite fantastic till now. We can’t go through all of it but will try to get you some highlights and pics we liked…

Cambodia : we did arrived in Cambodia to Phnom Penh by the bus from Laos. Stéphane still had an issue on his keely so can’t really ride the Twin on long distance. We had at the same time some reinforcement coming from France in the person of stéphane’s mum. The plan was for her to follow us on a regular bicycle. As any time we plan for something, we changed it a few days later. New plan : Mummy promoted Twin Stocker, Manue as a Pilot and Stéphane cameraman on scooter.

As riding out of Phnom Penh is not that nice, we left that huge strange city by boat, direction Siam Reap. Boarding a 50m long boat with a tandem bike with 3 peoples trying to help you on a slippery deck with no barrier is almost as scary as a Russian border crossing.

DSC02239 (800x533)Back on planet earth, we got our little success like anywhere in Asia.
DSC02246 (800x533)

A few moment later, the girls were riding the Twin while stéphane was comfortably checking their progress from the back of a tuk-tuk for the last miles between the harbor and Siam Reap town.

DSCN8897 (800x600)

Siam Reap is the city to access the Angkor temples. We spent a few days there, walking around and visiting that really touristic place. Temples are quite nice but what a crowd…

DSC02489 (800x533) It takes a few minutes to be able to take a picture with no Chinese tourists on the Bayon temple, but we got it !_MG_7111 (800x533)From Siam Reap, the girls rode a 500km loop in the north of Cambodian followed by their fellow cameraman on a scooter.

DSCN8971 (800x600) In those places, the monks pay really attention to their style according umbrella, bag, robe and shoes in a « ton sur ton » fashion. DSCN8964 (600x800)Kids used to fish on the rivers by the roads.
DSCN8908 (800x600)

We visited a lot of temple. Not actually because we are that interested in temple but more because there are always a place to rest under tree shadow.
DSCN8981 (800x600)Day to day life by the market places.

DSC02297 (800x533)DSCN9049 (600x800) After a few days, we sent back stéphane’s mum to France and head towards Thaïland.

Thaïland: we crossed the border 6th of February –> stephane’s birthday. We did a huge party: tomato juice, nachos, footbath and off to bed at 7:00pm !

DSCN9345 (600x800)We were not really interested riding in and out Bangkok. To ride around the capital would have taken maybe a week so we used the train. It is actually super easy to get in a train or we are super trained.
DSCN9354 (800x600)

Compare to the other country that we crossed up to now, Thaïland is a lot more developed.

They have supermarkets with peanut butter, net on the football field goal cage, and even bicycle path… They are not yet riding recumbent bikes, but who knows, one day …

DSCN9831 (800x600) Another great thing in thaïland is the landscape. They have beaches that stretched out for hundreds of kilometers with not a single person on it. DSCN9776 (600x800)Weather in February was starting to be very hot and having a swim during the hottest hours is always relieving.

DSCN9837 (800x600) The only issue is that you can walk in the sea for 1km to get water to the hips. But after all, it is not such a big issue when you think of the European freezing weather…

DSCN9861 (600x800)

We met a bunch of cyclists in Thaïland especially that couple of German that wanted to play « who has the longer one? ». I let you guess who won…DSCN9907 (800x600)

We switched coast from East to West around Krabi town to be able to see the sunset above the sea. That was a good decision. At those latitudes, the sky just get very nice when it is cloudless.  
DSCN9553 (600x800)After meeting another french couple along the road, we decided to go with them on one of those remote island national park where there is nothing to do but relax. Getting there seemed a bit complex for normal tourist agency so we just hopped on a fisherman boat for a ride to Ko Tarutao. It cost something like a metro fare for a hour ride by beautiful islands…
DSCN9635 (800x600)DSCN9655 (800x600)

It seems still on the picture but the sea was crossed and fairly bad. So we were very happy to land ashore. And guess which from recumbent or classic cycling bring the more jumping capacity:

DSC04065 (800x450)

On site, we just had a great time. A bit of hiking…
DSCN9796 (800x600)

A bit of cycling … DSCN0052 (600x800)

A lot of nothing…

DSCN9733 (800x600)

They even provide the dishwasher on the island…

DSCN9736 (800x600)

The only drawback is those little filthy creatures named monkeys. They look funny but eventually, they are the worst animal a cyclist can cross the path with. DSCN9702 (800x600)

And our panniers can testify that. We just let our food storage unattended for a few moment and PAF ! the waterproof pannier are really less waterproof… And that kind of accident of not covered by the warranty…DSCN9714 (800x600)

After Thaïland, we headed south toward Malaisia and especially Kuala Lumpur. 2km from the border, Thai policemen stopped us. We were a bit surprised because it was the first time in Thaïland that we were being stopped by the police. Eventually, all they wanted was to get a picture of them on the tandem…

DSCN9980 (800x600)

Once the border crossed, some signs indicate the driving skills of Malaysian people…DSCN9986 (800x600)Riding in Malaysia could be extremely nice but temperature in march is unbearable. We crossed the peninsula as straight as we could to reach kuala lumpur because we could not stand the 40°C and 90% humidity average everyday (we got a peak at 47°C). Not a weather to put a cyclist outside.
DSCN9992 (800x600)Once in Kuala Lumpur we got a few days rest in AC rooms and prepare ourselves for the rest of the journey. We let our bike at some friends place and went for a short holiday in Bali-Indonesia to learn how to live upside-down. 
DSCN0151 (600x800)And why learning that kind of skills ? Because we are going south to Australia !

And now a bit of practical information for Twin riders. It was our first time flying with the bike. We got some regular bicycle box (27,5″ bike box is enough). Then, we did a little bit a jigsaw with our bike. Remove seat, carriers, wheels and everything that stand out of the frame (brakes, chain tension, mudguards).

DSCN0238 (800x600)Steering, haul, chains. Pay attention to deflate the fork if it is a white brother one. DSCN0239 (800x600)Once done, you can normally fit easily the half_bike in each box and arrange the other parts on top of it. We put a lot of newspapers shrieked into balls to fill the gaps and avoid too much movement. The seats can’t fit in the bike box though, so we got at the same bike shop a box for 700mm wheels. Upside down from one another, it just fit perfectly with the rest of the equipment. 2 bike boxes for the frame and two other smaller boxes for the seats and the rest of our equipment: DSCN0227 (800x600)And off we took off to Gold Coast Australia !

The plan is to ride from Coolangatan to Cairns in the next 2 months. But that is another story …

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2 commentaires pour Azub Twin World Tour 5 : Asia to Oceania

  1. Mum dit :

    Comment fait Stéphane pour sauter si haut?
    Il a découvert le secret de la lévitation?
    Et merci pour ce blog qui est un lien précieux.
    Continuez a écrire et a envoyer des photos!

    • Comme c’est moi qui fais tous les efforts sur le vélo, Stéphane peut sauter aussi haut qu’il veut, il à les jambes aussi fraîches qu’une gazelle ! On voit bien la différence avec
      Nico qui n’a pas Marie sur le même vélo que lui !


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